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“The meaning of life is not what happens to people.”

“It’s not?”

“No it’s not. The meaning of life is what happens between people.”

Beck, 2000



When you are choosing a therapist, it can be confusing to understand what everything means and who is right for you. I work in an integrative, relational way, which means that my training has taught me a variety of types of psychotherapy, including but not limited to psychodynamic, person-centred, existential and transpersonal therapy, transactional analysis, neuroscience-based attachment theories, body and trauma, mindfulness, and gestalt therapy.

In my practice, I work with individuals to develop ways that work for you. That could mean a different type of psychotherapeutic approach for different issues you bring.

I believe at the core of my practice is the relationships I have with my clients. Humans crave connections, and in our childhoods, many of us develop maladaptive ways to fulfil the emotional needs that we had, but these patterns may no longer work for us in our current lives.

In my work with clients, I work towards bringing awareness to these patterns that no longer serve you through our therapeutic relationship in a non-shaming way. With increasing awareness, you can have a choice in the way you react to the same situations, so you can be empowered to create your own storylines in your life. 

Trust and safety is the foundation of our work - this is also why I offer a free initial exploratory chat to see if psychotherapy would be suitable for you. Clients can often have an instinctive feeling of whether the therapist is someone they could trust and open up to, and I believe you must trust this feeling to choose the right therapist for you.